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  • Takami teaching dance to children.
    March 19, 2016

    Teach to Inspire


    A great online article by Dancer’s Group featuring MoBu Dance Studio’s director Takami Craddock on what it means to be a dance teacher. Here’s an excerpt from the article: There is no one way to teach, of course, and those who teach dance get their pedagogy from different places. There are workshops, institutes, certificate programs […]

  • Teaching Dance


    I remember when I started to dance … I was probably around 5 or so. My father’s friend’s daughter Sanae—who would became my teacher for 17 years—was looking for ballet students …

  • Photo of Takami's injured knee.

    Injury and Dance


    Guki! — the strange sound happened inside of my knee. The first time I heard this sound was 30 years ago in Tokyo. I was in a hurry one day, leaving my job to go to rehearsal and I didn’t warm up.

  • Takami Craddock in action.
    February 19, 2016

    MoBu’s Exchange Program Featured in Dance Studio Life Magazine


    Recently MoBu Dance Studio was featured in the dance magazine Dance Studio Life. It’s an insightful article about Eastern influences on dance and includes information about our International Exchange Program at MoBu Dance Studio.

  • January 7, 2016

    My Childhood Dance Performance Memories


    So now I remember my first performance was mouse from The Nut Cracker. I still remember the movement that I did (of course not all of them). I remember practicing a lot alone with my teacher but I don’t remember being on the stage. Strange, because I even have some pictures.